Essex Steam Train and Riverboat Ride
Essex, Connecticut

Take a trip aboard the Essex Steam Train and get a tour along the rails from Essex, Connecticut onto Deep River Landing where you'll board their Riverboat, Becky Thatcher. The ride from there takes you on an hour long journey up the Connecticut River as far up as East Haddam where you and company will venture close to the East Haddam Bridge there beside the beautiful Godspeed Opera House. Your guided voice-over tour will point out such spots as Gillette Castle and other grand spots along the way.

During our trip we got to truly enjoy the cruise through the Connecticut River aboard the 3 level riverboat on which beverages and other small snacks were available for sale. Perhaps the best part of the ride was when loons would sweep down and actually fly alongside our watercraft for an extended period of time.

Tickets are available the day of travel and one has the choice of the Steam Train alone or the combination of that along with the riverboat itself. The combo trip involves leaving Essex Station by rail, boarding the riverboat then returning to the train for your ride back to the beginning.

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As of Summer 2005 the cost of taking the train ride alone for adults is $16 with a cost of $24 for the Train and Riverboat combo. Of course the fares are much less for children.

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Photo featuring one of the many trains found at the Essex Station.