Nubble Lighthouse - Cape Neddick, Maine - ME - Photos

Here is Nubble Lighthouse also known as the Cape Neddick Lighthouse located just across from the area at Sohier Park in York, Maine.

Of the many lighthouses we'd come across in many states this in our opinion is one of those extroadinarily situated lighthouses with the aesthetics to match!

Today the lighthouse is maintained by the Town of York but it was once in the hands of the US Coast Guard. Standing at a height of 41 feet the tower and the adjoining house is a thrill to view from across the waters.

This beautiful land mass holds the Nubble Lighthouse and the adjoining house.
Here is a closeup photo of the Cape Neddick Lighthouse in Maine.

At the point from which we stood there is space for one to park one's car and walk about as many of us had. There were plenty of folks admiring this view and photographing it with glee.

Actually, we didn't want to leave since it was such a sight!

Along our way we'd passed a very long stretch of beach which we can only suppose is either Long Beach or York Beach. Regardless this is yet another of those many spots which we plan to spend more time at in the future.

The photo there to the right was taken from the parking area itself.
Quite serene don't you think?

Wonderfully peaceful and serene are the waters which can be spotted just beyond.
A plaque at Sohier Park giving information regarding the "Nubble Light House" in Maine.

This plaque embedded in stone bears the following words:
"Nubble Light House"
Cape Neddick Lighthouse Station
U.S. Coast Guard

Erected in 1879 by the United States Lighthouse Service to protect Mariners from the "Savage Rock"

Sohier Park
william Davies Sohier
1858 - 1938

Mr. Sohier generously donated this site of four acres to the York Beach Village Corporation in 1929 to be used for a public park.