NewCastle & Damariscotta River, Maine - ME- 2004 Photos

It would just so happen once again that we were aimlessly driving through the routes and side roads of Maine to see what we'd stumble upon. As luck would have it we came across this scenic point in the town of Newcastle located right on the Damariscotta River in Lincoln, Maine after having travelled along route 1. There we were, rushing to snap photos before the setting Sun completed its mission of casting darkness all over.

This is one of those many spots we'd encountered in our travels which we definitely plan to revisit one day in the future.

Boats are docked here at Newcastle, Maine along the Damariscotta River.
The setting Sun has us rushing to get our photos before darkness comes.

As per historical signage we came across nearby this area hold a great deal of shipbuilding history. A photo of one of the signs can be seen below on this page.

This dock photographed here was amazingly close to the water's surface.

The Sun is almost done with this day while its last rays glimmer on the waters below as you can see in this photo.

We can imagine this setting being just as beautiful during any part of the day and any part of the year as it was during this sunset hour in the month of October. Gorgeous skies stand far beyond the sand and waters.
Self portrait here as I stand near the pier.

Posing for the camera at the very top of the dock leading into the waters.

Here is one of the displays explaining the historical significance of this area and the Damariscotta River. This map shows off the many shipyards which have existed along the river itself. This photo features one of two displays showing off the grand significance of the NewCastle area and beyond.