Kennebec River as seen from Historic Hallowell Township, Maine - ME- 2004 Photos

Close to Augusta the capital city of Maine yet not quite there is the city of Hallowell from which we got some wonderful views of the Kennebec River. Stretching northward from the Atlantic Ocean for over 160 miles it is quite the beauty to behold at least from where we stood.
We were sort of looking northward from our spot.

The flowers and view in the photo there to the right were taken in town just outside of an oriental restaurant as we awaited our lunch.

Beautiful flowers lure us in as the clouds pass overhead along the Kennebec River.
This photo features the Kennebec River as seen from the town of Hallowell, Maine. It was such a spectacular day for any sort of travelling in Maine as one can probably figure from the photo there on the left. We were looking southward here.
The photo is features a community post. This stood just at the top of a hill at the bottom of which we were able to park our car and venture on downwards closer to the river. Unfortunately we weren't able to stay very long in this township of Hallowell. We say unfortunately since it seemed like such a wonderfully quaint artsy town with all of its shops along the main street, or rather what we would understand to be Water Street. This sign-post has a bit of information about the town itself.
Walking along Water Street in Hallowell, we get to take in all the small artsy shops.

Here we are venturing down Water Street taking in all the shops along the way within Historic Hallowell, so named after Benjamin Hallowell.

The city itself has a small population what with the Census Bureau's estimates of a number hovering above and just below 2,500 from the years of 1990 to 2004. Whatever the size might be, we awfully wish we'd stayed longer. An interesting thing to note is the official Hallowell government site states that the population today in Hallowell is only slightly smaller than the size of it in 1820.

As mentioned previously, here is the area where one can drive their car into and perhaps sit and enjoy the comforts of the day or just plain rest as we did. We got to park our car here and enjoy this truly gorgeous day just off the Kennebec River in Maine.
Yet another photograph of the Kennebec River. Another photo from a slightly different angle of the same area mentioned above.
We provide this photo not so much so you can admire our car located within but to get just a slight glimpse of the town there in the distance. Okay, ok part of the town. The Parking lot situated next to the Kennebec River and the town there just behind....or rather a glimpse of the town.