Bug Light - Portland Breakwater Lighthouse, Maine - ME - Photos
This photo is of the plaque near the breakwater leading one to the Portland Breakwater Lighthouse otherwise known as "Bug Light".
Located in South Portland, Maine its name somewhat fits its appearance...Size-wise that is.
The plaque which sits not too far from the path leading to the Bug Light gives you a bit of information regarding this structure.
Although it's small the Portland Breakwater Lighthouse is still a sight. Built originally in 1855, one can actually walk right up to the lighthouse situated in Bug Light Park. There's a parking lot nearby allowing one easy access.
We're not sure but this may very well be the smallest lighthouse around. Despite its very small size, the path leading to its base and the pebbles and rocks to be found along the breakwater still make it an aesthetically pleasing sight. Rocks, Pebbles and perhaps sand can be found at the breakwater leading to the lighthouse.
Yup, it's small alright and even smaller still from this distance. Here we are at yet a further off distance from the lighthouse. You can see the benches aligning the path.