Early 2004 Autumn / Fall, Massachusetts - New England Photos
Photo here features the view from HogBack Mountain along the Mohawk Trail on route 2. Of the many awesome panoramic vistas found in this part of Massachusetts this has to be one of the greatest. The spot from which we stood was an awfully wonderful resting place atop the mountain with enough space to park one's car along the road. One can easily see through the reds of these trees how Autumn is just on its way. Photo taken at the very early onset of Autumn in Massachusetts along route 2 (Mohawk Trail).
Deerfield River and the many trees found along the way are captured in this photo as taken from the Bridge of Flowers. This photo was taken from the Bridge of Flowers from within Shelburne Falls which is found along Mohawk Trail in Massachusetts. The River here which runs below the Bridge is Deerfield River. Although the turning foliage is barely visible, touches of red and gold was spotted here during this late September Day of 2004.
Photo here was taken at the driveway entrance to Mohawk Orchards along the Mohawk Trail. Easily one of the most visible signs of Autumn's turning foliage as seen on this late September gorgeous day. A sign of Autumn as seen in this pic, taken along the Mohawk trail.
Colors are almost in full swing as seen at this wonderful spot along route 2 in Massachusetts. One can certainly see Autumn's changing colors in full bloom at this rest/picnic area in East Charlemont, Massachusetts. Yet another spot along the Mohawk Trail.