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On display is one of the original train cars from William Gillette's railroad. Even a staircase leading from the top of the home to the ground floor wiill stun one and all.
On display within the mini-museum and welcome shack at the entrance, this was an original train car from William Gillette's railroad. Mr. Gillette was quite the train buff. Upon arrival at the top floor of the mansion, one finds and odd (yet beautifully structured) door which differs from every single other door found within the mansion. Beyond is this staircase which leads you back to the base level of the home.
During our tour we get to digest the beauty found within the mansion. Yet another lovely attraction is the fireplace.
Fireplace, lighting, chairs and other furnishings adorn the lower level of the home. Given time, one can spend hours admiring every single carving, every single item and every single bit of craftsmanship.
Photograph here features one of the rooms found within Gillette Castle. Photo featuring a bust of William Gillette.
Photo above left is of one of the rooms located on the second or third floor. Photo to the right is a bust of William Gillette himsef.
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