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Skyward photo featuring the side of Gillette Castle and its stone masonry. One of the stuctures located on the grounds of Gillette Castle.
Skyward photo of Gillette Castle captured on this gorgeous day. See the stones that make up the outer facade. Photo of another structure which is part of the land on which the Gillette home was built.
Another photo featuring one of the mansion's towers. Even the view from afar is captivating
Photo above left is yet of another angle of Gillette Castle and the photo on the right is during our approach to the entrance after we've left the parking area (which mind you is free to all). Of course there's a small fee for the tour inside.
As can be seen in this photo, there are plenty of spots and picnic tables to relax and enjoy the day! Anyone visiting Gillette Castle can have access to this special area with spectacular views of the valley down below.
A photos above show off the deck located at the exterior of the Gillette Castle Mansion. Here is where you'll get even more stunning views of the valley below from an extraordinary height. As you can see there are plenty of spots to relax and rest not only within the area immediately surrounding the museum but as well throughout the State Park outside of its entrance.
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