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Someone poses for our camera as they stand on a stony ledge above the surf and rocks below. A lengthwide perspective of the other photo appearing there to the left.
The Rocky - Stony ledges and walks within allow one to venture out to perilous points within Fort Williams Park. Notice of course the surf crashing into the rocks and reefs below.
The date inscribed on this bell reads 1901. The cool waters and beach down below as we view this scene from the historical remnants of the fort itself.
Photos above show off a bell on display at Fort Williams Park as well as the beach and waters below at just one section of the park.
Just one of the structures found at Fort Williams Park. A photo showing off more of the Civil War Fort at Fort Williams Park or rather what's left of it.
Here are remnants of some of the structures which were part of the Civil War Fort here at Fort Williams Park. We managed to climb up onto these structures and were quite impressed with the vast vistas our eyes beheld.
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