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The Lighthouse as it stands majestically for our camera against the beautiful blue skies. Flags wave overhead at a distance obviously closer to us than the Lighthouse and its surrounding structures.
Initially known as The Battery at Portland Head is this Lighthouse along with the structures alongside its base. Although this was a absolutely perfect day, one can't help but think that this particular locale is stunning in appearance regardless of what the weather might be like. Besides the base of the lighthouse is a museum offering entry for a very very small fee as well as a gift store which was a treat unto itself.
Yet another photo of the lighthouse as we stand near its base. This closeup photo features the topmost section of the Portland Head Lighthouse.
Unfortunately entry into and upwards within the lighthouse was not allowed, we were just as satisfied to have witnessed it from the ground with a grand blue sky as a backdrop. Also, CT Dreaming can only imagine how wonderful it must be to reside in the Cape Elizabeth area of Maine so's to be able to visit this location (one of many lighthouses in Maine) on a regular basis throughout the year.
The ocean's surf roars in and crashes upon the rocky reefs below. To give better perspective, we catch sight through our camera a tourist who poses for us on the rocks down below.
Here we are at a short distance in yet the other direction catching sight and snapping photos of the surf as it hits the rocks which lie below the Portland Head Lighthouse at Fort Williams Park in Maine. In this photo we can see one person posing for our camera with Casco Bay and the Atlantic Ocean just beyond, a ship in the distance and the tiny speck of yet another lighthouse at sea.
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