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In this photo we capture a pond near an entrance to Fort Williams Park, Maine. Beautiful turning foliage is spotted here on this perfect Autumn Day.
During this wonderfully gorgeous Autumn Day in 2004 we stroll along the road or rather one of the paths into Fort Williams Park. As one can see, the sight is quite beautiful with turning foliage overhead and golden fallen leaves on the ground. Further ahead beyond this point is of course Casco Bay emptying into the Atlantic Ocean with great sights to behold along the coast.
Yet another photo of a path within Fort Williams Park. Photo featuring the coast and beach as we peek from behind the cover of trees.
Another photo taken along our trek into the park in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. From behind trees we catch sight of the beach and surf at Fort Williams Park.
Park benches and tables catch our eyes as the surf crashes into the beach here. Portland Head Lighthouse is visible from this spot as we still can't imagine the beauty which lies ahead of our trip.
Within this photo above one can see park benches/tables near the beach at this beautiful parkland. We weren't even aware at this point what lied ahead on our trip as we bore witness to the topmost part of the Portland Lighthouse. We were soon to find out!
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