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Essex Steam Train and Riverboat - Photos / Pics - Page 6

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Gillette Castle is just as much a treat to see from afar as it is nearby! These friendly folks waved to us as they sped by our boat.
We were able to get this long distance shot of Gillette Castle from our sail aboard the Becky Thatcher Riverboat. Some fishermen pass by and one kindly waves to us as we all waved back. There weren't too many nautical structures along the Connecticut River on this particular day.
A Loon soars very close to our boat. Here's a real beauty as this bird glides through the air.
There were a few loons which seemed almost to race with our boat. The trip itself was a fun and educational but these birds were perhaps the biggest feature! They were literally matching our speed and flying level with us as we stood on the upper deck. It should be obvious how close they were considering how well these photos turned out. Don't ya think? We really can't wait to get back there again one day in the future.
Not one but three of these beauties fly alongside the upper deck of the Becky Thatcher. A couple of these birds decided to close in and get to a lower level.
More photos above of those birds flying alongside our boat.
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