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Here is a photo of the East Haddam Bridge. We managed to get pretty close. Photo here is of the Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam.
Photos above feature the Goodspeed Opera house in East Haddam which despite the overcast skies was still a treasure to behold.
We should mention how during a separate trip driving to Gillette Castle we got to pass right by this architectural delight as well as cross the bridge pictured above.
Alongside each other is the East Haddam Bridge and the Goodspeed Opera House. Our Flag awaits the next gust of wind as we leave the East Haddam area.
We've made our turn and are heading back away from the Bridge and the Goodspeed Opera House. The East Haddam Bridge is a drawbridge which was built in 1913.
This photo is one of many random shots taken aboard the upper level of the Becky Thatcher River Boat. Yet another random shot on the upper deck.
Here we are aboard the Becky Thatcher Riverboat heading along on this very cloudy day up the Connecticut River. Or is it down the river? Regardless, it was really windy and a true joy!
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