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We found boats docked along the way in the Connecticut River. Yet more boats as seen in this photograph.
Here are photos of boats and other water craft docked along the coast and within the river itself.
'and more boats. Yet despite the hugely overcast skies, we didn't seem to be the only ones having fun! A couple of motor boats come very close to our boat.
As mentioned on another page, there weren't too many water craft which we'd come across on our trip along the Connecticut River.
This sailboat was a beaut to behold as it stood or rather, floated quietly on the river. People are looking forward in the direction we're heading as we close on in towards the East Haddam drawbridge.
This sailboat was having a peaceful and relaxing afternoon it would seem. These folks were enjoying the trip just as we were. There in the background is the East Haddam Bridge.
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