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This photo was taken just before our departure. Some of the landscape you'll pass by on your way to the Deep River Landing at the Connecticut River.
We'd stuck our camera out the window to quickly capture the side of our train just before our departure. The voice with narrates our ride explains the significance of some of the lands we pass along the way towards the Riverboat.
Folks are departing the train after our arrival. Photo features folks leaving for their return back to the station.
Folks are unboarding the train as they join us for our adventure along the Connecticut River. We arrive now at the Deep River Landing where we'll continue our trip aboard the riverboat. Of course we'll have to wait for this other group to depart from the trip they themselves had just taken.
Photo from aboard the train. There were seats aplenty for everyone on the Becky Thatcher Riverboat.
Photo taken within the Essex Steam Train. Here are all the seats aboard the lower level of the Becky Thatcher Riverboat.
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