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Photo is of the Valley Railroad Office where tickets are purchased. This museum at the Railroad station had really old classic cars, displays and an operating miniature railroad.
Photo above is of the Valley Railroad Office. Here is where one can purchase tickets. The sign there which is barely legible mentions how our trip will today will feature the famous Ralph H. Gibson Caboose. Here within this structure is a museum featuring plenty of interesting items on display. The sign out front was as follows:
"The E.F. Dickinson Co.
Private Property"
Caboose #103 stands tall and calm at the RR Station. Yet another photo of the Caboose. One amongst others.
Here is the #103 Caboose parked near the entrance to this wonderful locale where all of our fun would begin.
At the very front of the caboose are the following words: The Baldwin Locomotive Works, 103, Philadelphia, U.S.A.
Here is the welcoming sign at the Essex Stream Train and River Boat RR. One of the most beautiful of the cabooses at the Railroad.
Here is the sign welcoming all to the Essex Steam Train and River Boat RR Station. Yet another caboose parked at the station. This had to be perhaps the most attractive one of all.
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