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Photo here features a painting which depicts an aerial battle over the Pacific. yet an another photo of a military plane found at the New England Museum.
The photo above left features a painting which can be found within the New England Air Museum.
Photo here features a demolition bomb from World War II. A helicopter is on display. This is one of a number that exist at the museum.
This photograph features the M53 Demolition Bomb (1941). It was a 4,000 lb bomb used extensively throughout Europe. Prime targets included bridges, factories and submarine pens. One of the many choppers on display at the New England Air Museum.
Nicknamed the "Warthog" is this aerial tank killer. Photo here is of the Vought XF4U-4 Corsair of WW II.
Photo here is of the Fairchild Republic A-10A Thunderbolt II (1975). Nicknamed the "Warthog" this craft was designed a an aerial tank killer which did its job during the 1991 Persian Gulf War. Photograph above features the Vought XF4U-4 Corsair (1944). This craft served as a prime fighter and ground support for the Navy and Marines during the span covering WWII through to the Korean conflict.
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