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Airplanes are found everywhere within the New England Museum's Premises. Photo above shows how you'll not only find aircraft on the ground floor but hanging from the roof as well.
Upon entering within the New England Air Museum's Hangars, one can't help but be a bit overwhelmed by the sheer size of what's within its walls.
You'll get a view of these air beauties from different angles. Photo of the sign signifying th e57th Fighter Group.
This photo was taken from atop some steps. One will find opportunities here and there to gauge different perspectives of many of the aircraft from varying angles. Sign signifying the tribute and exhibit to the 57th Fighter Group. Part of what's mentioned here is: "Originally formed for the defense of New England, the 57th went on to distinguish itself during World War II."
Here's the North American B-25 Mitchell. Some of the aircraft at the New England Museum feature personalised paintings on them as seen in the photo above.
Photos here feature a North American B-25 Mitchell (1944) of which 11,000 were built between the years of 1938 and 1946. With a range of 1,350 miles and speeds of up to 275 mph this was one of the most successful planes to carry a 75mm cannon.
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