Presenting a site in continuous progress which will share many Connecticut & other New England photos, travel ideas and much more in the months to come.

With every week to come there'll be featured items for one and all to explore through photography, information and details of trips taken to the wonderful state of Connecticut (CT) and beyond.

As the beginning of an endless journey, Connecticut Dreaming / New England brings you the following features:

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What with a deliciously wonderful Autumn Foliage season in store for all of us, this site is preparing for trips throughout Connecticut and beyond for the sake of bringing back plenty of those golden and other fiery shades. Gorgeous colors of New England! So hang in there!

A Quick Look at the East Haven ShoreLine In CT
As always we're travelling near and far and here we are on the shores of East Haven, Connecticut. On this day is was so gosh darn beautiful and well, lonely....yet, calm and peaceful. If you've got the means then I'd suggest your visiting some of these not so far off spots for some wonderfully scenic and peaceful experiences.
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Connecticut Dreaming is a website in gradual development promising to bring one and all plenty of featured attractions from the Connecticut Area and beyond.
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